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Mommy Makeovers – Are They Right For You?

Perhaps eyelid surgeries, chin and neck tucks and facelifts are the obvious starting points for many when looking at engaging in mommy makeover surgeries.  The reasons are fairly obvious in that these surgeries are all fairly minor with relatively short recovery times.  But what are the Do’s and Dont’s?

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The answers have to do with selection of good surgeons and so on. Word of mouth is often key for practices when developing new clients. But I want to address some of the more nuanced aspects of cosmetic surgery. Statistically, breast augmentation has the most positive outcomes forpatients, but why? Women can’t possibly be so shallow. Well, perhaps not too surprisingly, there have been a substantial number of studies which attempt to understand the psychological ramifications of cosmetic surgery.

Abdominoplasty with liposuction. Thinking about a Mommy Makeover?
Abdominoplasty with liposuction. Thinking about a Mommy Makeover?

The first thing we have to understand is the relationship between our appearance, and our emotions. Studies have shown that objectively attractive people are not substantially happier than others. However, a person’s opinion of their own looks does impact their happiness. You might be confused the same way I was at first, but let me explain. An objectively attractive person is someone whom others find attractive, but that doesn’t mean that they find themselves attractive. Similarly, an unattractive person might have an unrealistically high opinion of himself. Good for him, unless he’s your date! The point is, we are happier when we think well of our own appearance.

So how does this apply to face lifts, tummy tucks, or vaginal rejuvenation? Well, there are two
factors that will determine a positive outcome and the first is rather obvious. It is that 
you see an improvement. But perhaps less obvious, is the importance of expectations. Studies suggest that
even if a surgery is a success, and a person feels more attractive or natural, or vibrant—whatever it was they wanted, if the result does not meet their expectations, the entire experience is a bad one!

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So while selecting a doctor, it’s good to make sure that they provide realistic expectations. In other
words, you might like a doctor who promises the moon, but in the end, you’ll hate them when you don’t get the moon you were promised. Contrarily, a more pragmatic doctor might seem like a downer, but if they are honest at the outset, then the odds of them meeting, or even exceeding your
expectations are much greater.  I
 know what you’re thinking, “But why did boobs get the best outcomes?” Well, there’s only so much a doctor can do there. It keeps people from getting carried away with their expectations. That said, we also know that it’s easy to believe, when you decide to get a facelift, that you’ll look twenty-two again. See where this is going? You come out looking thirty-two, and you’re furious!

So while many women test the waters with these simpler surgeries, pursuing something like a vaginal rejuvenation or a breast augmentation, might be an easier way to ease into things. But whatever you do in pursuit of your mommy makeover, make sure you manage your expectations — and find a doctor who does the same!

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